Thursday, January 11, 2018

New year resolution 2

No sweets for next one year. It is tough, but real pleasure is in doing tough things.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Chilling winter

I cannot remember last time it was so much cold. It is almost freezing. My room heater is running for 24 hrs, still we are shivering. Fog all around. Trains are late or cancelled. Terrible situation. I am going to join today after about 3 weeks.

Monday, January 1, 2018

new year resolution

this year i want to have only one new year resolution.
1. not take sweets and reduce my wt to 65kg.


Happy new year. I am on the train . 12308 train is late by 15 hrs. It has no intention to run quickly. The good thing is that we are also not in a hurry.
Like every year I am going to have my new year resolutions. I will write the latter.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

review of 2017

1. practice was low in january.
2. organised a family picnic with four of us.
3.bought a 60 gm gold necklace for rinku as marriage anniversery gift.
4. arranged saraswati puja in our rampurhat flat.
5.did few lap chole not as much as i would have liked to.
6. i had pain in the rt knee joint for which i had to do thorough investigation. an hematoma subperiosteal was found.
7. few operation had complications causing tensions.
8. vauge chest pain contiued throughout the year.
9 Aheli was admitted in st paul school
10. rik got 89 percent in board exam. admitted in narayana kolkata.  he stayed in hostel first failed to adjust then shifted to my flat.
11. i did my blood reports which were very encouraging .
12. i manged to decrease my body wt to 66.
13. actually i stopped taking sweets in later part of the year. but in last week of dec i took a lot.
14. my mother was operated for cataract in suri. she couldnot see after that. so i have to get her reoperated by moumita in kolkata.
15. i started going to kolkata every wk so lot of my time were spent  in the train.
16. after 13 yrs i went to islampur on a summon. met b. bera and others.
17. we went to jaisalmer and jaipur to attend asicon. enjoyed camel ride ,desert camp etc. i had no restriction in intake of food dor last 10 days. now roday 31st, i am retirning home and wish to tighten the noose.
18. Today is one of many yearending when i am in the train.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

amer, city palace, jalmahal, howa mahohal

revisited those fortes after 13 yrs. least impressed to say the least. finally went to bapu bazar near howa mohal. it was crowded local market. good for shopping. Time to say good bye to jaipur. now another bad news our howrah jodhpur express is late by 5 hrs.
this is the worst train so far as the punctuality is concerned.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rajasthan 26.12.2017

Yesterday we left Jaisalmer at 6am, and arrived Jaipur at 7 30pm. It was such along journey by car. Hotel Marriott is active star hotel where you have hardly anything to complain one just gets overawed.
The buffet dinner at night contained innumerable items and it was difficult to find which item we should eat. The bill nearly gave me a heart attack. It was  rs 7432 .
Today we went to workshop at 9 am. It was good but showing mostly the advanced lap surgery.

In workshops generally families are not allowed. But later on I learnt that they are allowed so I sent the driver to take them.
So much of items were there that we were finding it difficult to decide what to eat and what not.

Finally we  I came back at 5 30 pm.