Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Illness continue

I am having sore throat. It is still persisting. I got myself examined in BMCH. Ritom said it was reflux pharyngitis. It will take some time to get cured. In the meantime I am having fever with severe body ache. Dengue is prevalent.  I took pcm 500 at  7 pm. It decreased the fever by little. Let me see what happens tomorrow. Rik ia also down with pain abd, low grade fever.
I'm actually fed up with this. Only few days ago Rik was ill for 6 days before fever subsided. Now I am having sore throat for one month, terribly worried, now fever. Not to speak of low grade tension of CABG. GOD PLS HELP ME. I WANT TO LEAD A DISEASE FREE LIFE WITH MY FAMILY.

Sore throat

1 it appeared with reflux.
2. It decreased of it own.
3. It reappeared on cold exposure.
4. Tarun could not find anything.
5 iam having bangla acidity quite often.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Best in open chole.

Today staffs of Asha NH, were saying that nobody can do open cholecystectomy better than me. It delighted me a bit. Today I did 3 cholecystectomys in about 1 hr time.

Sore throat continuing

I has decreased, again increased. It caused a lot of tension. Let me observe for dew days more

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sore throat

I am having sore throat for some days. It is not getting well. I consulted dr T . Patra. There was nothing abnormal as fas as he could see.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I am 47. When I reached 40 i was very upset. I didnot want to grow old. Now I want to grow old ,live a few years more. My friends in whatsapp wished me since morning. Aheli was very excited about my birthday.  Mother came rampurhat for this.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jandiced gallblader pt

15 days ago I operated on one gb patient. It was a difficult gall bladder . I managed to do partial cholecystectomy. Patient was passing yellow urine from day one. She developed jaundice on on 4th post op day. On enquiry she revealed that she use to have recurrent jaundice for last 6 years. But I was worried. I thought that I might have caused bile duct injury. Patient was discharged on 5th post op day. She returned on 8th post op day with deep icterus and vomiting. I gave some med and advised her to go to BMCH for admission under me. She refused. She went home.  I was worried very much. She came after 7 days. Now she had no jaundice .PT is alright. Her bilirubin was              .8mg.  i was delighted. I knew that there was no BDI. But there is certainly having cbd stones . I told her accordingly. ANd she went home.