Friday, September 30, 2016

Chest Pain.

My sore throat is gone. But chest pain is persisting. ECG, lipid profile is better than normal. Sugar(f) is 100mg.i read somewhere, to reverse disease cholesterol should be Below 150. I am maintaining it four last three and half years. Ldl is below 60. Weight is around 68. I am keeping my numbers Right. Only I cannot keep my professional tension down. Let me hope for the best.

Flat In Kolkata.

I always dreamt of having a flat in Kolkata. But it was not happening. Finally I booked a flat in teghoria. Twin towers. Top floor. 1135sq feet. 46 lakhs. No garage. I don't say it is the best, but a beginning. I have given them 2lakhs. Want to loan 35lakhs. Rest will be paid by me. Then a lot of interior decoration etc to be done. Kiran helped a lot.

GB Patient

GB patient. MRCP WAS DONE. It was normal. Jaundice decreased.pain subsided. Everything seems to be okay. What was the cause of jaundice. A CBD stone is likely. Though nothing was visible in MRCP. It caused huge adrenaline rush in me. I cannot get out of tension. Not performing yoga for few days.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lipid profile

Cholesterol dropped down to 96mg/dl. Ldl 49. Blood sugar 100. Ecg shows old inf wall MI. Reports are okay. Looks very promising. Does it have any bearing with my CAD. If it does it should be reversed . Booked flat in kolkata, teghoria, near baguihati. 3 Bhk, 1135sq foot.46 lakhs. Need to pump up my private practice a little. Spent a lot in puja marketing.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Post op case of gb

Soma datta, relative of p r datta was operated by me . Open cholecystectomy done. She was alright for 4 days. She was discharged. On that evening she developed severe pain in back, vomiting, mild icterus. I was  in bmch,. Immediate usg done. No peritoneal collection. Cbd was dialated. 9 mm. Abhijit suspected some pathology low down the ampulla. Bilirubin was 4.6. mg. She was brought to bmch. Apparently there was no clinical icterus. Urine colour also became lighter. She is having nausea. LFT,  CBC, mrcp was advised. She is put on nbm. Iv fluid, antibiotic. Results are awaited. Tense moments for me.
What went wrong?
Donot know.
Good things...
1. Operation was un eventful,
2. Usg... Negative
3. Clinically not much icterus.
4.  Abd soft.
5.  Passing flatus.

Should respond on conservative management.
Supposed to go to kolkata tomorrow

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Illness continue

I am having sore throat. It is still persisting. I got myself examined in BMCH. Ritom said it was reflux pharyngitis. It will take some time to get cured. In the meantime I am having fever with severe body ache. Dengue is prevalent.  I took pcm 500 at  7 pm. It decreased the fever by little. Let me see what happens tomorrow. Rik ia also down with pain abd, low grade fever.
I'm actually fed up with this. Only few days ago Rik was ill for 6 days before fever subsided. Now I am having sore throat for one month, terribly worried, now fever. Not to speak of low grade tension of CABG. GOD PLS HELP ME. I WANT TO LEAD A DISEASE FREE LIFE WITH MY FAMILY.

Sore throat

1 it appeared with reflux.
2. It decreased of it own.
3. It reappeared on cold exposure.
4. Tarun could not find anything.
5 iam having bangla acidity quite often.